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She felt the man caress her. The trouser made things a little bit difficult for the man. The man gave himself a distance. He started to unbutton the trouser and unzipped it. It was all open. He took it off. All that time she gazed at the man on top of her. That was a stranger who wanted to make love to her!
Her trouser was placed at the side of the bed. Her blouse was undressed immediately after her trouser had been removed. She was stark naked with only a red bra and a red thong. She could see the man swallow something through his throat. Men with sex! She knew her body held power. But the man on top of her was powerful. She could sense it. She felt it and any act from her to deny him that body would render her…dead.
The caresses of the man were slowly felt all over her body. Her thighs were warm and so the skin on her belly. She lost breathe when the man caressed her breasts rounding the nipples with his fingers. His hand stuck for a moment. His lips tasted them. The nipples stood firm. Then he held her to come to him. That gave the man space to race his hands on her back. Her skin touched his. His hands were on her back unpinning the bra to remove it. Her breasts dangled.
She lazily opened her eyes to see the man broadly smiling. He laid her on bed. A queen she was. The man caressed her breasts to her thighs and the middle part of her legs. There was a thong she worn. That piece of cloth was not to dissuade the man not to touch her already dripping organ. She trembled when she felt his lips on her thighs being grazed by his warm tongue. When was the last time a man caressed and took her as a diva? The men she had were lust only for sex which started and ended prematurely. They made not love to her. She was in her thoughts but could feel her thong being removed. She gave herself wholly to the stranger.
The thong was thrown on the floor. Her warm body met with his sensually. The bodies intertwined. They were the two of them in the world. The kisses were getting quicker. There was a strong need to have the other person. She took it to herself to take his male member and inserted it in herself. She could not hold on to herself any longer. The man had awakened the fire in her body. There was a risk of the man going way. The faster she committed herself to him the better for her soul to have peace.
The thrusts started slowly. They gained in rhythm. She felt better. A woman in needed of satisfaction she was. Her mouth was all open to gulp air that seemed elusive. She felt the male member in her body. That was great, the feeling was greater. The thrusts were sweeter and very incapacitating She held the man stronger, every thrust she held him with a firmer grip. There was something happening in her body. There were mixed feelings. Her mind started to be empty as her soul lighter than cotton blown by the wind. Her legs she crossed to hold tighter the waist of the man. She wanted to open more her legs for the man to access every corner of her womanhood.
Something which she could not put a hold onto started to build in her soul. Her mouth was widest opened. She wanted to release. She had no control over the boiling emotions. It built much more. The volcano could not be held any longer. She burst open. There was a liquid which rushed from her deepest part of her body, through her private part to gush out forcibly. She lost herself in the man. She held him tighter until her senses started to come back to her.
Grace’s grip started to loosen from the naked body of the man. He was all sweaty and looking at her. The man had also ejaculated. They rested their bodies on one another. It was a good moment to have him.
She turned to see the gun on the table. Would she kill the man who made her to feel more than a mere woman? She was a gangster after all.
Then the door was smashed open. The man on top of her raised his head to look at the man that entered the room. He smiled while still on top of Grace. The other man who entered the room had a gun in his hand. There was something he ran away from the other room. The man on bed was the enemy whom he left in the living room. How comes he was there in bed with….that was his love! Abukuse pointed the gun at him. There were released three bullets which hit the bull’s eye.
The man’s male member was in her vagina still stiff and in need of her. The bullets released made the man’s body to be pushed back a bit from chest to head but still in her. The motion produced was like the man swung a bit He turned to look at Abukuse. Why did the man not die? Who was he? What did he want with him? That was the man from his village. Abukuse knew he came there to settle the scores. Already he had made love to his woman! That was the highest form of disrespect.
“Blood of the covenant is thicker than the waters in the womb.” The man told Abukuse.
With that a mirror was seen. A blade was in the hand of the strange man. Abukuse wanted the door to open and for him to run away from the room. The door had locked. There was no chance for him to escape from the realities seen. There was no need to cry. He would have to stand still and stiff as a man to face his death. He turned. There was a gun in his hand. He would not let the man have the honour of killing him. He saw what the man had done with Christine in the living room.

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They heard sounds of mourning from one of the rooms. He heard his name being whispered. Who was the person making his name be carried by the winds to where he was? He went near the room. Triza was tightly held by him. She followed him behind. They tiptoed until they arrived at the room they were sure the voices came from. There was a white curtain being blown by the wind from that room. Marcus held it and made the curtain to give way. He looked what was inside.
He wanted not to believe his eyes. The situation was clear to him. There was Bethsheba with the mysterious man on bed. They were naked. He looked at the as they had sex in bed. His wife, Bethsheba, was on top of the man. That was the time to make sure he blasted off the brains of that man. Marcus cocked his gun. He started to make the steps coming to where they were in bed. He could see his wife looking at him enjoying every thrust from the man. Then she wailed. She had ejaculated. Or had the man ejaculated? The steps were bold. The anger in him would crack even a rock. A man was not to come and take his wife away from him.
He pointed the gun at the man. They disappeared. The bed was empty. There was no being in it. He heard a whisper behind him. Triza called him. He turned to see her with the man who held her by the neck. As an officer he wanted not to play games anymore. He turned the gun to the stranger and blasted them. They only hit Triza. The man behind her smiled as he took her to head in a hole that he realized not was in the room. He came near the hole. When he looked in it was way deep not seeing its end. Marcus knew he had lost his love. He turned to look at the bed where he saw Bethsheba.
“It takes two to tango. How does it feel, my husband?” Maybe she was also a problem and had to die.

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“Shhhhhh.” They heard that from their mate who was in the interrogation room. That sound made the two officers to look at the side of their mate who was isolated. They saw him starting to open his mouth. It was still, agape and no words came from it.
Rufus knew it was time. His mate had started to talk. He was ready to say something. Why was he indicating people to keep quiet? There was no noise at the police station. The two officers looked at each other. They stood up and went in the integration room. They were not fools. They had to be alert least their friend turns on them.
“Marcus……” That was Rufus talking as he came close to his mate. Marcus turned slowly to look at him he looked at them as if they existed not. He looked at a place past their bodies.
“I saw something. I saw something. I saw something.” He repeatedly said that to them. Rufus wanted to know what his mate had seen. What was it? Rufus was not interested in the repetition of those words. He wanted something concrete.
“What did you see Marcus?” He threw that question to his mate. Rufus had come closest to his friend who looked direct to his eyes. Marcus had come to his senses. He could narrate his story. Would the police believe him? He hoped so.

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“This is interesting, lady. When the man slapped and made fun of me I thought as a woman you would restrain them. I have grown up to know a woman is a special creature that has a heart and true feelings. But it seems you are just a human being who has learned bad behaviours from bad men. At the time you attacked my manhood. You remember daring me to stand up and fight back if I thought I had balls? You even questioned if I had grown hairs around my manhood. You remember telling me in case there will be absence of men here on earth I cannot afford to look at your nakedness? You really dared me to not try think of fighting the men. You wanted me to try my skill on you if I thought I was a man. You remember when I was down you came to where I was and placed your boot on my head?”

The shadowy figure hit her with one blow. It was heavy sending her down on the ground. Noel could feel her movement. That was a chance for her to run away and escape. She would be the first one to have made a successful escape.

That was a dream conjured in her mind. When she wanted to run away she felt a gun on her back. The story was to end. She turned and looked at the man one last time. That look on Noel’s face was a defiant one. She saw not clearly his eyes but the red glowing light from them.

The man holding the gun smiled. She saw not the smile. The shadowy figure was encouraged by that look on her face.

“That is more like it lady. You are not afraid of death. All of us, and especially those that do kill others, should see and take a clue.” The boot stepped on her chest. She felt air escape her.



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