The Call to Immortality

The earth, the only planet humans are blessed to live in eternally. Immortality belongs to righteous human beings. He was a sinner. He longed for Immortality. He took a step to be an immortal being.

Can a sinful human being gain Immortality? He formed his way and using dark powers gained the key to Immortality. She was the key until she decided to vanish from his sight.

In the search to bring her back home everyone that tasted the waters from her sanctified well fell to a fateful end. The victims had a final image as they faced the death. Dark eyes glittered with evil. The claws grabbed their necks and pierced the throats pulling the voice boxes!

Tina returned home. The princess was his. Her death was necessary for him to gain eternal life, life that even Christians long for. He was to be the first crooked human to gain in opposition to Christ’s ideals life Adam lost in Paradise

Awaken not the demon! It was awakened. Let it ravage all those that drunk from the forbidden well!

*This horror novel, The Hem of Immortality: The Forbidden Well, will be published on Amazon this 25th January. Keep in mind the date to enjoy only the best tailormade for you, and only you!

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New Release

Marisian Tales wishes to announce the good news you have been waiting for. It is with great love, excitement, and with anticipation we announce the release of this horror novel, The Hem of Immortality: The Forbidden Well, on 25th this January. This is a Marisian Tales production, and a Zachariah Marisian novel. Book a date to enjoy it. In the meantime you can have a moment with the many novels we have in store tailormade for you! Thank you.

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A violent god!

“It’s done young man. You aren’t useful to my course in finding her. You had your time and you squandered the chance. The tragedy of humans is in ignoring the call to value life. Look at you. You risk your life abusing drugs. You don’t care living a healthy lifestyle. You take another man’s princess. You sleep with her not sensing the danger you pose to your life. Suddenly, you realize things are thick and you want to backtrack? The life you want to hold dearly to is already lost. This will befall those that ever touched the princess.”
The stranger’s hand moved and within a microsecond touched Musoti’s neck. Forcibly it pierced the throat and held his voice box. Then the voice box was pulled from the throat…

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The Horror….

A horror story has never been this tantalizing and gripping in it’s narration. For $ 1(Ksh. 1,000) you can be assured to vet double the value for your money.

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The War on Terror

The bombs were offloaded from the Toyota double cabin. The passengers helped in offloading the bombs first. Then the guns were offloaded and the remote controls. The country would face another round of terror. A word was commissioned on the building in which the terrorists would make sure they killed the most number of people. Terror would reign supreme again. The country killed one of the queens. The gang would retaliate. Corruption aided weapons to be transported from Somalia to the country’s capital city.
~The EQUALIZATION: The Shadow of Evil.

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Love, Orgasm, and Blood.

In bed Yusufu got lost in the pleasure. They held tighter to one another as they climaxed together. Love was their portion. They would be eternally together. Tina felt overwhelmed by the orgasm. She dug her teeth in Yusufu’s neck. Blood streamed from the flesh. Yusufu opened his eyes as he was bitten. Mendy was present in the room! His claws were ready to do the worst. Mendy’s hand was directed to his throat.

~The Hem of Immortality: The Forbidden Well.

© Marisian Tales.

*To be published this January….

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THE WAYWARD SEED: Creating a Monster

“All criminals swear their innocence. The truth of their crookedness is hidden in dark hearts. Truth according to you is meaningless. We are on the hunting ground. I am the predator. You are the prey marked to be hunted. One of us is going to die. I assure you and swear by the symbol of the gun and the sign of the bullets I will live the ordeal.” A gun was raised. Mwija saw the muzzle wink at him. He waited for a metal to rush his direction. His ultimate end in death was obvious.
A click was heard. A bullet was released and a loud bang heard. The gun served the master’s purpose. A metal pierced his flesh tearing muscles and cracking the bone open. Blood spurt from the wound. Mwija groaned as a bull slaughtered. He closed the eyes to sniff the gunpowder and test the purest of pain. He gave up the fight to live. He whimpered as he fell on the ground on his back. His head hit the ground.

© Marisian Tales
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The Forbidden Well…

Anyone that had a taste of the well from which the devil has his drink the end will be bloody. A message was send.

“By the end of the week return Tina home.” They thought he bluffed. Until they saw his eyes darken and the claws pierced their throats pulling their voice boxes they never thought he was damn serious in the quest to have his princess, his Hem of Immortality.

© Marisian Tales

*Coming this January.

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A Game of Chess and the Troubled Outcome.

“A man having wives was capable to sustain a family. Such a man was respected because of his riches to carter for the family needs. He was outstanding in protecting what was his. A wise woman stabilizes her man. A foolish woman frustrates her man thinking a man can be subdued. Women haven’t changed from the time their great grandmother Eve who subdued Adam to be her machination in sin. We have fewer wise men. Wise men don’t marry Many are foolish boys’ age notwithstanding.” The old man was wise in the ways of the bible too.
“You claim you want to marry Sally because of love. Young man, you should know love wanes. When it wanes how will you cope with her grumpiness as your focus will be on another petite woman? When your senses will long to have sex with another woman what will befall Sally? Do you understand how men are distracted? I will whisper this if your mind is clogged to digest the simple reality on the effects of your hormones when done with Sally in bed.” Would Becker experience the change towards Sally?
“A woman is the deadliest weapon created from time immemorial. A woman’s heart schemes evil by default. A woman’s brain leans on rebellion naturally. To destroy a woman you need a woman. A woman’s value is pegged on another woman a man focuses his sexual desires on. Learn the ancient wisdom. Remember, women are the same from the time of Eve and Adam. Listen to the Genesis story. Meditate on what happened to Adam.” Becker let the message sink.
*This excerpt was borrowed from The EQUALIZATION, a Marisian Tales novel. To download the novel click

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